Stop Dreaming About Your “Brilliant” Business Idea – Make it Happen!


Every morning you have two choices: keep sleeping and dreaming about your ‘brilliant’ business idea, or wake up and make it happen!

The Startup Weekend Sunshine Coast on 2-4 May is an opportunity to turn your dreams of business into a reality.

Startup Weekends are set up based on a proven format and brings entrepreneurs, designers, developers and startup enthusiasts together to make that ‘brilliant’ business idea happen in 54 hours.

Ideas are a dime a dozen

Ideas are just that: a dream, a fleeting thought.

Although you might think your idea is quite brilliant, it doesn’t mean a thing until it’s backed up with action.

It is hard to express your idea succinctly so everyone gets it and the best way is to create a prototype to show people what you mean.

More importantly these people should not just be your family or friends, but potential customers. Potential customers can give you actionable feedback and evidence, in other words market validation.

Stop dreaming about your idea and make it happen!

During the Startup Weekend you will have the chance to create a prototype. You will have the opportunity to work with developers, designers and experienced business people. You will be supported by a skilled facilitator and business coaches. You can show potential customers what you mean with a tangible prototype.

Show your customers and other supporters: How does your idea work? How will you launch it? Where can they get it? How much will it cost?

Answers to these questions change the dream of a ‘brilliant’ business idea into a market reality.

Dreams are for sleeping. Talk is cheap. Take action. Come and put your brilliant business idea into practice at the Sunshine Coast Startup Weekend.